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Fri Nov 27 2020

Take a moment and do a quick search on Google for a product or service you might be interested in, and then see what Google ads come up.  What’s the first ad that stands out to you?

How to Run a Successful Google Ad Campaign

How To Make Your Ad Stand Out

How to make your ad stand out?

Make your ad stand out with Structured Snippets, Location Extensions, as well as Sitelinks & Sitelink descriptions.

How much CTR increases with ad extensions?

There’s an average of 10-15% increase of CTR in ads that use extensions.

1) Google Ad Extensions

The usage of e.g. Structured Snippets, Location Extensions, as well as Sitelinks & Sitelink descriptions.

Best of all extensions are free! You still only pay once the ad is clicked on, and yet they help increase your overall ad space, convey more trust with a more professional look, as well as provide more information on the product or service being provided.

There are TONS of extensions available, and if applicable, please make sure to use them!
On average there’s a 10-15% CTR increase in ads that use extensions.  

Remember: When your CTR increases, your Quality Score increases, and therefore your Ad Rank, which in the end all means higher position at a lower cost!  

2) Keyword Matching Headlines

Creative can be used in different ways to try to convey a feeling in a potential customer: Positive, negative or neutral feeling, depending on the industry is the type of feeling that you’d like to convey.  When you use keywords to try to match a users search query, you want the Ad text to not only contextually match the keyword!

When we look at a Google ad, the largest, most eye-catching, and core component is the headline.

“On the average, five times as many people read the headline as read the body copy. When you have written your headline, you have spent eighty cents out of your dollar”. – David Ogilvy

Every AdWords agency out there nowadays is offering their ‘expert’ service, their ‘expert’ advice, a sea of promises and of course, e-books.  Aside from the free e-books coming with the hefty price tag of relentless spam, have you ever wondered, how many actually practice what they preach?  

It’s not just about a simple search matching a keyword anymore, consumers are becoming more and more desensitised to generic ads, and a lot more reactive to emotive advertising.  At Engineroom, we take the time to research, test, customise, and analyse your campaigns frequently to ensure the right response at the right time. Contact us for your obligation free consultation.