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Tue Dec 22 2020

A clear action plan based on a previous conducted deep technical audit is crucial for the success of your SEO! If not, doomed to fail before it even started!!

Technical Audit for Current SEO Status!

  1. Check for main On-Page Items
  2. Check Technical SEO elements
  3. Check Backlink Profile of the page
  4. Check current KW- Rankings and keyword usage/ density
  5. Check Set-Ups and Tagging (Search Console, Google Analytics, Tag Manager)

Create a Timeline and follow it!

  1. Set ups (e.g. GA, Baidu Tongji, Yandex.Metrica for other search engines)
  2. KW list (high search volume/ low difficulty) and KW URL mapping (which pages to optimize to rank for which KW)
  3. Actions related to structure and page health (e.g. navigation, sitemaps, removal 4xx status code, speed etc.)
  4. On-Page optimization using the created KW URL mapping
  5. Off-Page strategy execution (e.g. competitor backlinks, broken links etc.)

Execute and stick to the order!

This is crucial. But why?

Example: If you focus first on On-Page SEO in order to rank higher for keywords you get a higher CTR and more traffic through Organic. But that alone won’t cut it : Because you want them to convert!

Providing great user experience is here crucial, if not you’ll have all this traffic but a bounce rate that is too high and no conversions!

So 1. Make sure your page is indexed correctly and you have all the tracking in place 2. Make sure your pages have a healthy structure, good page speed and mobile friendliness: So that your website provides a great UX! 3. Target keyword rankings and get your organic traffic! 4. Improve your DA and get additional traffic and rankings through outreach execution!

Global SEO Services

At Engine Room, we provide Global SEO Services with guaranteed success for our clients’ companies! Our approach is based on a well planned and structured SEO Strategy to achieve sustainable results!