Popsy & JJ Australia


In sales in the first 6 months (starting from $0 revenue on a brand-new site)


avg. basket size

The Taste of Success: How This Start-Up Is Disrupting the Wine Industry One Bottle at A Time


Popsy & JJ are a pair of Aussie dads on a mission to bring European wine to Australia. They travelled through Europe and hand-picked a unique selection of 32 artisan award winning wines for their shop. Catering to a very specific audience of refined wine lovers, the biggest challenge has been trying to entice Australians to take a plunge on non-Aussie wine.


A completely new brand, we needed to create a “social media” buzz as well as work on driving traffic through PPC channels. Our mix includes a heavy content push on Social media & SEO as well as a direct sales and retargeting strategy using PPC. Through social media funnels we’ve started generating a large amount of sales, while working on their organic positioning for targeted keywords.


From 0 traffic to over $80k in sales within 6 months, their repeat customer basket size is roughly $350, and average basket size for new clients is $296.47. Through our efforts we’ve steadily increased revenue month on month and are consistently gaining new high value repeat clients.

See what Popsy & JJ had to say:

How has Engine Room delivered in terms of the services provided for Popsy & JJ? (SEO / PPC)?


“They have managed to take our brand-new online wine business from low rankings on the search engines to using key words that have elevated our brand to first page searches. This has been carefully formulated by the team and we have been taken through the process step by step. The assistance with our social media feeds has dramatically improved with the help of specialized targeting to our market segments. The placement of the ads as well as what content and when to sponsor has been a huge help to our business.”


Can you describe your experience with Engine Room and the impact it’s had on your business?


“We have seen our weekly sales rate increase considerably, as well as the traffic to our website, the interaction to our posts and people sharing our posts. It has been a targeted well-rounded campaign that is still ongoing.”


Would you recommend our services to other businesses?


“Absolutely! The service we have been offered has been very much personalised for our business and the availability of the team to answer all our questions and queries has been outstanding. Couldn’t recommend these guys anymore as we continue to work closely with them as we see our business flourish.”

Jonathan Curry & Paul Farrell