Retail Design : What it is and why it is important in 2020

We work closely with each of our clients to understand their design intent and develop a strategy that responds to their goals. Our end-to-end solution for creating intelligent retail environments has helped brands to keep their physical store channels ahead of the curve for the past 30 years. So we are able to explain you what exactly retail design is and why it is so important. Read this retail blog to get all details.

What is Retail Design?

The design of a store can make or break the shopping experience. An unattractive shopfront, disorganized product displays and unimaginative in-store experience in no way motivates a shopper to engage with the brand’s offerings or return to the store in the future.


Every retailer should understand how powerful design can be in transforming brand image and increasing ROI. Retail design is different to other forms of design like home interiors and corporate spaces, because in commercial environments, the customer is at the centre of everything.

Retail environment needs to communicate brand identity and stay consistent across all channels while being updated regularly to keep shoppers engaged and stay relevant according to the latest retail trends.

As e-commerce is steadily growing, brands can use their brick and mortar store to maintain a direct point of interaction with their customers. The physical store is far from exhausted. The in-store shopping experience is experiential, sensory and immersive – a major advantage over digital channels that can be exponentially elevated through intelligent and creative retail design.

The Science of Designing for Retail

The ‘science of retail design’ refers to the principles that maximize the potential of the space at disposal.

Structured store layout and clear segmentation, an easily navigable space through deliberate wayfinding, accessible store display systems and strategic category management are only a few of the elements the designers consider when designing a new store – of course while valuing visual aesthetics, brand consistency, quality of materials, budget and time constraints.

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Engaging Retail Environments

An attractive retail store and functional layout form only one part of the completed experience. Through insightful analytics and engaging content retail designmission is to optimize digital presence and amplify online interactions.

By respecting the fast-paced industry where customer demands and emerging trends dictate the course of action for brands and businesses across all markets, our designs are modernised and relevant to each client’s target demographic.

As Millennials are dominating the market and Gen Z’s influence is notably strengthening, the approach should be tailored to appeal to these experience-driven generations through omnichannel retail, digital innovation and unique engagement strategies.

Greater Group’s Retail Design Services

Our design capabilities span design and documentation, 3D and digital design as well as graphic design. Our extensive design services include research, specification, design development, construction documentation, 3D-modeling, still image and animation rendering, 360 VR stills and animations, augmented reality, real-time visualisation, environmental graphics, signage and wayfinding, visual merchandising, brand identity and UI/UX design.

Following the design process, we can provide services for procurement, build and maintenance. Our sourcing capabilities in Asia enable us to lower procurement costs by up to 25% without sacrificing quality. Our trusted project management services ensure brand protection and facilitate error-free multi-market rollouts that honour budget and deadlines.


Designing for Different Retail Formats

Our work portfolio is diverse and covers just about every division of retail. Our clients include brands with global reach as well as local small businesses.

We have designed anything from luxury boutiques for international fashion houses and showrooms for century-old jewellery designers and watchmakers to office interiors, pharmacies and dentist’s waiting rooms.

More recently, we have been entering new markets like the growing airport F&B industry, stadium redevelopments, reimagined luxury shopping experiences and a refreshed take on medical environments to improve the patient journey. Our partnerships with leading beauty brands are also on the rise all the while we expand our corporate client base.

Our presence is evident in airports and shopping destinations across the world as we spearhead retail spaces that appease the latest trends, celebrate local talent and lift direct engagement with customers.

Each space is designed and delivered with a unique intent. We understand the purpose of each platform and the design objectives that accompany each different space. Our stores have high success rates with reports of increased foot traffic, heightened engagement and boosted sales achieved at lower manufacturing and operational costs.

Our work is globally recognised and have been awarded and praised for creativity and innovation.

Greater group’s trusted Retail Designers

Our team of more than 145 creative geniuses are spread out over 10 offices and growing.

greater group is where creativity meets intent and rigor, glued together by a shared vision for innovation, appreciation for craftsmanship and in-depth industry knowledge. We value each team member and learn from each other, combining years of expertise with fresh minds bringing new ideas to the table.

In between six time differences, we are working hard to ensure our design solutions are executed to precision to deliver high-impact, high-return stores that build brand image and cultivate engaging customer relations.